Adobe Launches New Feature To Erase Undesirable Objects From The Background


The American computer software firm headquartered in California officially unveiled its feature which can erase unwanted items from videos

The California based company on April 3, 2019, officially unveiled its content-aware eraser to obtain clean videos under the project “Cloak”. In 2017, Adobe claimed that its efficient research team is working on a new feature that will let users select the undesirable elements and allowing the background to be filled effectively. The content-aware eraser which was teased back then has been launched under the name “Content-Aware Fill”, the same title is given to the feature in its Photoshop software.

The AI Sensei algorithms have the ability to identify the background of the video content and remove wires, moving objects, shadows, mics and logos from the specific video. In order to use the feature, the user simply has to cut the undesirable elements and press the “generate filter layer” option. The advanced feature will automatically analyze the background content and understand how to fill in the blank spaces during motion. The process can also be manually guided by painting in the selected frame. In order to make experience less sluggish, Adobe has improved hardware component acceleration for motion-based HEVC and H.265 p-frame codecs. This has been fixed with Premiere Pro CC ensuring that editing is not undergone through slow processing and the process of exporting files to YouTube and various other platform is speeded.

Furthermore, it has supplemented dual GPU optimization which will enhance the speed of the PC which has several graphic cards. It has also introduced Freeform Project panel which allows the users to organize the video through storyboard and Auto Ducking which is capable to lower down sounds and music during dialogue delivery. If a user has Creative Cloud Subscription, he can easily download the novel features experiencing advanced editing.